CoRE-EX and Excavator Programs

Hosted by local pipeline and gas distribution companies, these programs address critical damage prevention initiatives specific to excavators. Investing time in either training is the best way to learn current safe digging practices.

  • About the Coordinated Response & Excavator Exercise® (CoRE-EX):
    • A combination program where excavators learn pipeline safety alongside first responders.
    • CoRE-EX’s objective is bringing together pipeline operators, first responders, and excavators to pre-plan for pipeline emergency response.
    • Each meeting will demonstrate a local pipeline incident scenario to exchange resources and capabilities of all included.
    • The CoRE-EX program engages all through interaction with pipeline representatives

  • About the Excavator Pipeline Safety Program®:
    • Teaches current damage prevention and safe digging methods near pipelines and gas distribution systems.
    • Damage prevention information is presented and directed toward an excavator-exclusive audience.
    • Pipeline representatives are available to answer questions and interact with the audience.

More about the CoRE-EX and Excavator pipeline training​:

  • The following information covered in both programs.
    • Five Steps to Safe Digging
    • The One-Call Process
      • Know what’s below, call 811 before you dig
    • State Regulatory Initiatives
    • Pipeline and Gas Distribution Overview
      • Pipeline Purpose and Location
      • Leak Recognition and Response
      • Hazard Awareness and Prevention Methods
      • Right-of-Way Infringement
      • Pipeline Maintenance Activities
  • Excavator and CoRE-EX Comments:
    • Excavation Specialist - “Would highly recommend for anyone to attend these if they’re involved in digging or working around pipelines. Very good program!”
    • Contractor - "The presenter was a great speaker. He was very well-versed in damage prevention and emergency response. Top notch!"
    • Wastewater Supervisor - "I appreciate everyone that is involved with sponsoring these programs to keep everyone safe and up to date with what we need to know to perform our duties and responsibilities."


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